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About Me

Where I'm From

I was born in the West Midlands in England, though most of my childhood was spent in North Yorkshire, living in a small village not far from the sea. I completed my degree in the UK, then spent the next 3 years working as a consultant, seeing lots of the world and contributing to open source software. I lived for 6 months in Spain and 2 years in Slovakia. In 2010 I moved to the south of Sweden and joined startup company Edument. So, in short, I'm from Europe. :-)

Academic Background

I completed school and college in North Yorkshire. I spent three years studying Computer Science at the University of Cambridge; the first years were quite general, and in the more specialized third year I focused on compilers, runtime environments, programming languages and type systems. I emerged with a BA (Hons) degree, and was amongst the top students in my year group on the exams. I have considered doing a PhD, but for the time being feel I can contribute more outside of academia. Some of the work I have done since graduating - especially in the field of implementation of object oriented language features and meta-programming - is research level.


I'm currently employed by Edument AB in Sweden. My work there focuses on software architecture, especially Domain Driven Design. Part of my job involves teaching (and in some cases, writing) various courses, including courses on Software Architecture, Test Driven Development, C#/.Net Programming, Perl Programming and Service Oriented Architecture. I also serve as an architect, mentor and once in a while developer for various of our clients.

The other part of my work involves working on the Perl 6 project, as one of the lead developers of the Rakudo compiler. My focus is on object orientation, multiple dispatch, the type system and increasingly on optimization and VM portability.


I am a Christian. While I do tend to attend church frequently, I don't associate myself with any particular denomination; I'm more interested in unity in Christ than in finding yet more ways to disagree. That doesn't mean I don't have points of view on various things; I just strongly believe they come second to being able to break bread with others. On related matters, I also believe that states should be "secular" and guarantee religious freedom for their citizerns. That said, I'm certainly not for aggressive secularisation and pushing out faith altogether.


I'm generally fascinated by language and linguistics. My native language is English. During my time in Slovakia, I worked on learning the Slovak language. I only got so far, and it's rusting, but it's still my strongest foreign language. I also speak a little Russian, know some basic Swedish, can order beer and food in German and can read some French and Spanish, though tend to struggle to produce it. I was once reasonably good at doing everyday stuff in Spanish and could probably pick it up again quite quickly with some effort. On a good day I'll be able to recognize 100 or so Chinese characters, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands that exist. I did manage to choose food from a menu written in traditional Chinese once while in Taiwan, and what came was roughly what I expected. :-)

In the next couple of years, I most want to improve my Russian and Swedish, and to learn another few Chinese characters...if only I can not forget the ones I already did learn. :-)

Food and Drink

Generally, I like food to be either spicy or hearty. On the spicy side, I love Indian food, loved the Korean food when I was there (though never really enjoyed it so much outside of Korea), enjoy various types of Chinese food and find Mexican pretty interesting too. On the hearty side, I'm very fond of central and eastern European fare: I love my Swiss fondue, Austrian schnitzels, German saussages and Slovak potato dumplings. When I land up in Ukraine or Russia - something that seems to happen once or twice a year these days - a warming bowl of borscht is a must.

On drink: beer. Good beer. Mostly I enjoy beer from the Czech Republic, Belgium, England (the ales and stouts) and Germany, but there's plenty of other good ones from around the world. Note that while I like beer, I do not like getting drunk. I also like coffee (only on a morning), tea (green, no milk), whisky (malt, not blended) and vodka (occasionally).

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